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Product Line for Construction, Logging and Marine Industries


Newco Manufacturing products are made from the highest quality materials and superior processes.

This combination provides the best in strength and durability proven since 1950.



Wire Rope Fittings

                Combination Wire Rope Clamp & Thimble

                Hooks, Choker Hooks, Eye Hooks, Sorting, Pipe Sorry, your browser doesn't support Java(tm).

                Sorting Hooks, Thimbles

                Sling Saddle Load Protectors

                Steel Sleeves, Buttons Stops

                Logger Buttons

                Aluminum Sleeves and Buttons Stops

                Swaging Tools

                Copper Sleeves and Buttons


Web Sling Hardware

                Triangles and Chokers, Steel & Aluminum

                Ratchets, End Fittings

                Tie Down Hardware

                Choker Hooks


                Corner Protectors

                Synthetic Choker Hooks


Logging Hardware



       Choker Hooks


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